Scientific Evidence

Many People use homeopathy in the UK (approx. 10 Million people) and find it to be hugely effective. Worldwide it is estimated that 500 Million people utilise homeopathy. It has been used to treat all kinds of conditions with success.

There is also a growing body of scientific evidence to support homeopathy. An overview of which is giving below.

A total of 138 RCTs in homeopathy have been published in good quality scientific journals: positive effects have been reported in 60 (44%) and negative findings have been found in just 10 (7%), while 68 (49%) have not been conclusively positive or negative. (

This is very positive for homeopathy, and what is needed is more scientific research into its effects. Unfortunately homeopathy has been unable to attract much funding for research until now but this will hopefully change in time. The Homeopathy Research Institute was set up recently and is looking to conduct more research into homeopathy, you can visit their website

There are also some very positive meta-analyses published in prestigious journals such as the BMJ and the Lancet demonstrating homeopathy's effect to be better than placebo. (Linde et al 1997 and Kleijnan et al 1991)

Also work by Louis Rey (2002) and Roy et al (2005) have shown that ultra-high dilutions are indeed active.

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